Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't like meetings. Few people do but we can't manage to get much done without sitting down in a room long enough to commit to working hard enough to never have to meet on that particular subject again. So today I lost two hours I'll never get back in a room listening to an unfocused discussion and sitting next to a guy who refused to acknowledge me or make eye contact with me. My other two co-workers he went out of his way to engage--total classic asshole behavior. His breath smelled like old spit.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

And now for something completely different...

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Today's dose of Congress shitting in your Corn Flakes and then telling you how great it will be! is the GOVT screwing you today... The congress wants to take your $700B and buy shares in the banks that need a bailout. That way, according to the Washington chapter Mensa leader Chuck Schumer, when the banks do good, the congress can actually make back the money they invest. Sounds smart...ungh, me dumb like make money. However...if this happens, it never ends. Once congress starts making money, they will start spending that money. And then they will get used to having that money. And then the banks will OWN congress. Because the next bank that starts to have a little down turn will just need to go to their major stock holder (congress) and tell them they need more of that tasty taxpayer money. And congress will of course give it to them, because without it...they don't get their dividend reward, and don't get the money. But Erik, surely we can just hang in there long enough to make our money back and then walk away, right? WRONG! Because we will, at that time, be major shareholders in the company, and our withdrawl will cause that insitituion to collapse. But we could do it a little at a time? Maybe...but I've never seen congress turn away a cash cow. Think about the amount of revenue being generated. A modest 4% return on our $700B investment will result in $28B/year in revenue. That covers VA, Interior and Agiculture without any taxpayer assistance. Leaving all that money to be poured into welfare programs. And welfare begats welfare. And dependancy on Big Papa grows. And then we reach the point where we HAVE to have that money...and then realize that the banks now have the power. Because at that point there will only be about 3 banks left. Monopoly? HA! Who's gonna bring that topic up? CONGRESS?? Why? Their share of the increased revenues will prevent any such issue being raised. THEY'RE ON THE PAYROLL! How would you like to be in charge of regulating and oversight of the person who cuts you a check every two weeks? You squeeze too hard...maybe you don't make as much money next week. You go easy...maybe the dividends increase. And if Congress gets a little froggy...say, maybe starts leaning towards getting out...maybe the big bankers drop the stock market as a little warning...kinda like last week...sure...the 777 point drop was due to mom and pop pulling their $50K out of their retirement account, yeah, that's what it was. It wasn't the mutual fund managers (seriously...there's only about 2 dozen of them) who are each managing in excess of $50B EACH! sending a little message to congress to pass the bill...or else...NOOOOO...couldn't be them... Congress is bought and paid for. Time to start over. For the election season, everyone should just walk into the voting booth and look for (INCUMBENT)...and vote for the other guy. Any of the other guys (even the save the owl party guy), ANYONE but the bastards that are there now. If you don't...well, I'll be in Argentina...seemed like a nice place to escape all the turmoil for the Germans after WWII...and there's a lot of folks there that look strangely like me...

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All quiet on all fronts

So Erik...what do you think? Have we run our course here on Soul Finger or just saving up our energies for a post-election pulse of energy and inspiration?